Keeping a patient’s entire
health care team in touch.

Connecting Providers from Hospital to Home

Gone are the days of hospitals and health care providers faxing back and forth, following up with voicemails and emails, and finding out “after the fax” that a patient’s recovery isn’t going as planned.

With the enTouch Network, everyone stays connected in real-time, receiving care updates as they happen, with automated alerts and artificial intelligence flagging opportunities for intervention and improving the odds a patient’s in-home care will be a success.

Better Connections. Better Outcomes. Better for Everyone.

enTouch is a powerful community that connects everyone involved in a patient’s Post-Acute Care (PAC), enabling real-time, HIPAA-compliant, and sometimes life-saving communications at the speed of touch.

Use data to drive better outcomes with DiNA

Using sophisticated AI-based technology, DINA uses algorithms and predictive modeling to detect patterns in the data. This helps your team identify critical evidence-based interventions so you can take timely action before problems occur.

Join our growing community!

"Partnering with PreparedHealth has allowed us to proactively care for seniors in the Philadelphia market. With DINA, we are able to identify clients who require timely interventions and empower them to live independently in their homes and communities."

- David Baiada,
CEO of BAYADA Home Health Care

"When we looked closely at the BPCI program requirements, we found ourselves looking for a better way to extend care in a scalable manner outside the four walls of the hospital. PreparedHealth’s product is helping us keep patients safe in their homes as they recover."

- Anthony Brown,
Director of Clinical Effectiveness and Orthopedics at Centegra Health System

"We think it is critical in the ever changing environment of home-based care to have the best technology partners at the table working with us to solve pressing problems. We are happy to have PreparedHealth join us on the journey to success in the value-based future of healthcare."

- Bud Langham,
Chief Clinical Officer at Encompass Home Health

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