Improve your opportunities
as well as your patient outcomes

Join the industry’s biggest network of home healthcare providers

As a Post-Acute Care (PAC) provider, your biggest advocates are your patients and their supplementary home healthcare providers, who see firsthand the quality care you deliver day in and day out. The bigger your network of key decision makers in the patient’s home healthcare ecosphere, from doctors to discharge specialists to social workers, the more referrals you will receive. enTouch seamlessly connects you to all of these key individuals, helping you expand your network as well as improve overall patient care.

enTouch for PAC Professionals

enTouch is the first network of its kind, keeping all providers in a patient’s caregiving network connected electronically – dramatically expanding your referral network while expediting everyone’s ability to coordinate an enhanced level of care.

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enTouch for PAC Networks

enTouch enables HIPAA-compliant communication between PAC team members, reducing patient leakage by facilitating easier in-network referrals. enTouch also helps PAC Networks improve the referral process by decreasing transition time between discharge and patient acceptance, as well as increasing referral acceptance rates by using data to facilitate more accurate referrals.

Get tools to improve referrals and overall patient care with enTouch

Master Transitional Care

Connect with your referral sources as well as track, comment and accept referrals digitally.

Know When to Intervene

Communicate with the patient's care team in real-time to make more informed decisions and avoid excessive or repeated testing and care.

Extend Care Management

Activate and empower the patient's personal caregiver team by involving them in the caring process.

Get Automated Escalations

Receive real-time updates when patients have a change in risk, condition or care setting.

Stay Vigilant with Fraud & Abuse Detection

With GPS Visit Verification, capture location, date, time and key clinical assessments on each and every visit.

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Ensure HIPAA Compliance

enTouch is fully compliant with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, as well as the security provisions of the HITECH Act.

Use data from DINA to deliver better care

DINA offers sophisticated AI-based technology trained to detect patterns in the data and identify critical interventions when needed. DINA allows you to leverage trends in the data to take timely action before problems occur, allowing you to improve overall care.

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